Medical and Microscopy Illumination 2018-01-31T23:35:14+00:00

Biomedical Illumination Applications

LUXMUX technology and products address a wide spectrum of biomedical applications including imaging (such as microscopy and cellular research, ophthalmic imaging, spectroscopy, optical coherence tomography (OCT)) and compact spectrometers. Key benefits of our narrow linewidth lasers and broadband superluminescent diode light sources include a highly reliable solid-state design, high uptime, competitive price, compact design, tunability, and single-mode fiber delivery to enable a wide range of new applications.


The BeST-SLED® is used as rugged, compact, tunable illumination sources for microscopes in bio-imaging applications such as confocal microscopy.

OCT Illumination

The BeST-SLED® is used as a compact tunable light source for Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) systems.


The BeST-SLED® is used as a compact tunable light source, over a wide wavelength rage for many spectroscopy applications.